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Spiel(e) Just Dance 2016
Künstler Wanko Ni Mero Mero
(vocals by Reni Mimura)
Jahr 2015[1]
Anzahl der Gold Moves 3 (Classic)
2 (Mashup)
Anzahl der Shake Moves
Tänzer Geschlecht(n) Female
Vermanschen Nerds (Wii/8th-gen Exclusive)
Alternative Routinen
'Tanz -Modus Solo
Piktogramm Farbe Pink
Handschuh Farbe Indigo
Songtexte Farbe Indigo (Classic)[2]
Ultramarine (Mashup)
Piktogramm Zahl
Code Name Chiwawa
Vorschau Audio
choreographiert von Mehdi Kerkouche
Durchgeführt von Aurélie Sériné[3]

"Chiwawa" von Wanko Ni Mero Mero ist tanzbar in Just Dance 2016[4][5], Just Dance Now, 舞力全开:活力派, Just Dance Unlimited, und Just Dance 2018 (Kids Mode).


The dancer is a woman with pink hair and the following features:

  • Yellow and red spotted legging socks
  • Cube and oval headband
  • A Rubik's cube on her right shoulder
  • Yellow shirt
  • Chihuahua heads on her shirt
  • A square-pattern skirt shaped similar to a Rubik's Cube.
  • Black high heels with leg straps.


The background has shades of pink and magenta. There are also chihuahuas and cats flying and appearing here and there. Some of the chihuahuas have cucumbers over their eyes. It appears that one of the chihuahuas is singing or talking into a microphone.

Gold Moves


There are 3 Gold Moves in this routine:
Gold Move 1: Lift your right arm and right leg up, making a cute pose.
Gold Move 2: Make a peace sign with your right hand.
Gold Move 3: Put both hands on your mouth, as if you're sneezing. This is the final move of the routine.


There are 2 Gold Moves in the Mashup:
Gold Move 1: Bend over and scoop your arms. (Born This Way [Nerd Version]).
Gold Move 2:  Raise both of your hands up toward the sky. This is the last move of the Mashup. (You Make Me Feel...).


Chiwawa has a Mashup with the theme Nerds, which can be unlocked with 1000 Mojocoins. It features nerdy dancers. It is exclusive to Wii/eighth generation consoles.


(no repeats)

Appearances in Mashups

Chiwawa appears on the following Mashups :


  • On the PAL cover, her glove is purple, her hair is shorter, her shirt is pink, and her buns are missing.
  • The dancer is featured on the PAL and NTSC box art.
  • The translation from "Wanko Ni Mero Mero" from Japanese to English is "Drunk dog has fallen down".
  • Besides the sentence "The dog accidentally [gibberish]..." in Japanese, "I want a chiwawa" being spelled out in English, the word "Sorry!" and the line "Let's go one more time!" at the end of the bridge, the song consists entirely of gibberish and Japanese onomatopoeia.
  • The audio was first released on the German Amazon website.[6]
  • This song's official release date was on 29 September 2015, which makes it the latest released song to be featured in Just Dance 2016.
  • This is the sixth song to be made by Ubisoft and to have a music video, after Jamaican Dance, Dance All Nite, Miss Understood, Feel So Right and succeeded by Stadium Flow.
  • "Chiwawa" is an original song created by the Just Dance team in collaboration with soundtrack composer Tom Salta and Japanese singer Reni Mimura.[7]
  • This is Reni Mimura's second song in the series, after Spectronizer.
  • The coaches from Built For This and I Gotta Feeling make a cameo appearance in the background.
  • In the Behind-the-Scenes footage, the chihuahuas in the background were actually photo shot from a real chihuahua which was put on the green screen.
  • This coach appears in the icon of World Video Challenge along with Uptown Funk C3.
    • They both appeared in the beta version of the Dance Quest icon earlier.




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