Dumb Love
Spiel(e) Just Dance Kids 2
Künstler Sean Kingston
(The Just Dance Kids)
Jahr 2010
Schwierigkeitsgrad 2
Anstrengung 2
Anzahl der Gold Moves 2
Anzahl der Shake Moves
der/s Tänzer(s)
Alternative Tänze
Modus des Tanzes Solo
Piktogramm Farbe Orange
Glove Farbe
Songtexte Farbe White
Anzahl der Piktogramme 72
Quellcode Namen

"Dumb Love" by Sean Kingston, covered by The Just Dance Kids, is featured on Just Dance Kids 2.

Dancers Bearbeiten

The lead dancer is a male who has black hair shaved into a buzz cut. He wears a sky blue T-shirt, a blue plaid button-up shirt, and black jeans. The lead dancer also wears black and white sneakers.

The left backup dancer is a female who has black hair in a ponytail. She wears a red and white shirt that says L ♥ V E in glittery red letters, black tights, and black flats.

The right backup dancer is a female who has black hair in pigtails. She wears a sparkly purple tank top, a sleeveless fading purple jacket, black tights, and black flats.

Background Bearbeiten

It looks like a carnival at night. There is a carousel to the left, a bouncy castle to the right, and in the middle are many red and white striped tents. There is a disco ball in the sky (probably taking the moon's place) and there are Ferris wheels in the background, along with some roller coasters.

Gold Moves Bearbeiten

There are 2 Gold Moves and they are both the same.

All Gold Moves: As soon as the word "drops" is said, drop down with your fists finger side towards the ground.

Trivia Bearbeiten

  • When the drumsticks sound effect is played, the dancers do a drumming motion as if they were hitting two drumsticks together.

Videos Bearbeiten

Datei:Just Dance Kids 2 Dumb Love
Datei:Sean Kingston - Dumb Love (Official Video) 2010

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