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Spiel(e) Just Dance Kids 2014
Künstler Kenny Loggins
Jahr 1984
Schwierigkeitsgrad 3 (Hard)
Anstrengung 3 (Exhausting)
Anzahl der Gold Moves 1
Anzahl der Shake Moves
Tänzer Geschlecht(n) Various
Alternative Routinen
'Tanz -Modus Solo
Piktogramm Farbe Sky Blue
Handschuh Farbe White
Songtexte Farbe
Piktogramm Zahl 71
Code Name
Vorschau Audio
choreographiert von
Durchgeführt von

"Footloose" by Kenny Loggins is featured on Just Dance Kids 2014.


The main coach is a boy with the following features:

  • Short brown hair
  • Bordeaux and black sleeveless checkered shirt
  • Pink tank top underneath
  • Grey short jeans
  • Blue Converse

Then, the coach switches into other coaches from the game:

  • A girl with brown hair in a tail, red headband, light yellow T-shirt, grey shorts, pink leggins and blue shoes
  • The teacher from Shout
  • A boy with blonde hair, white T-shirt, jeans and red Converse
  • A girl with brown hair, a red headband, orange baggy T-shirt, white T-shirt underneath, ripped up jeans with a blue belt, pink socks and black shoes
  • The coach from Power Ups
  • The rabbit from I Like to Move It
  • P2 from The Hustle
  • The raccoon from We Go Well Together
  • P1 from The Hustle
  • P1 from Do You Love Me

Background Bearbeiten

It looks like a field. The dancers dance on a dirt pathway with tractor tracks on it. On the sides of the path is green and brown grass. There is a water tower in the back and the sky looks like a regular daytime sky with lots of clouds.

Gold Moves Bearbeiten

There is only 1 Gold Move in the routine.

Only Gold Move: Put your right hand in the air.

Trivia Bearbeiten

  • Although the transforming dancers make it seem like a mashup, this song's choreography is unique all throughout the song; there are just different dancers doing the same choreography.
    • This is still the first and only time when dancers transform into other in-game dancers (akin to Mashups) on a game that isn't part of the main series.
    • It's also the first song in the whole series in which a character that wasn't originally playable becomes playable in this routine (in this case, the teacher from Shout and the raccoon from We Go Well Together).
    • It's also the first routine in the whole series in which one of the returning coaches is dressed in a different way (in this case, P2 from Walking on Sunshine).
  • With both the difficulty and effort being 3, this is one of the hardest routines on Just Dance Kids 2014, alongside with Hit The Lights.
  • One of the dancers wears a bacon shirt, probably a non-intentional reference to Kevin Bacon.
  • This dance has the most dancer changes in the whole series.
  • Both players from The Hustle have a different colour scheme.



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