Jailhouse Rock
Spiel(e) Just Dance 4
Just Dance Now
Künstler Elvis Presley
Jahr 1957
Schwierigkeitsgrad 1 (Easy) (Classic)
3 (Hard) (MashUp)
Anzahl der Gold Moves 1 each (Classic)
None (Line Dance/MashUp)
Anzahl der Shake Moves
Tänzer Geschlecht(n) Male/Female/Male/Female (Classic)
Female/Male/Female (Line Dance)
Vermanschen Only on PS3 and Wii U
Alternative Routinen Line Dance (not avaible on Wii)
'Tanz -Modus Dance Crew (Classic)
Solo (MashUp)
Trio (Line Dance/threated as Solo)
Piktogramm Farbe Burnt Orange/Red/Black/Dark Pink (Classic)
Blue/Burnt Orange/Black/Yellow (Classic Beta)
Orange (Line Dance)
Handschuh Farbe Turquoise/Hot Pink/Red/Orange (Classic)
Yellow (Line Dance)
Songtexte Farbe Orange
Piktogramm Zahl 52 (Classic)
161 (Line Dance)
64 (MashUp)
Code Name JailHouseQUAT
Vorschau Audio


choreographiert von
Durchgeführt von

"Jailhouse Rock" by Elvis Presley is featured on Just Dance 4 and Just Dance Now.


Classic Bearbeiten

They all have a orange outline.

P1 Bearbeiten

P1 has short black hair, an orange suit with matching orange trousers and black shoes.

P2 Bearbeiten

P2 has long black hair, a red and white top, a red skirt and black high heels.

P3 Bearbeiten

P3 has black hair similar to Elvis Presley's hair, a reddish-orange shirt, a small black leather jacket, black trousers and black shoes.

P4 Bearbeiten

P4 has black hair, red sleeves, pink trousers and a matching pink bra.

Line Dance Bearbeiten


The first dancer has black hair, a red cowgirl hat, an aqua glove, a red skirt, an orange top and black boots. The second dancer has short black hair, a brown cowboy hat, an orange cowboy shirt, a yellow glove, a brown belt, black trousers and brown boots. The third dancer has black hair, an orange cowgirl hat, a light blue glove, a short brown top, an orange belt, brown trousers and black boots. Only the second dancer is playable.


The background looks like a jukebox with vinyl records inserted. In the background, an old-style microphone can be seen. The platform on which the dancers are dancing on seems to be a huge record with flashing lights by the borders.                 

Gold Moves Bearbeiten

There is only one Gold Move in this routine. It is a right-to-left wave Gold Move.

  • P4: Cross your hands out in front of you, then place them on your head.
  • P3: Pretend to comb your hair with your right hand.
  • P2: Put your hands up near your head and shake them slightly.
  • P1: Move your arms in a circle in front of your face.

Dance Quests Bearbeiten

  • All 4 players get 3 stars
  • One player gets 5 stars
  • Get 5 stars on the Dance Mash-Up
  • Get 5 stars on the Alternate Version
  • Get all Gold Moves
  • Get GOOD while playing leg guitar


Jailhouse Rock has a Mashup which is exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and Wii U.

Dancers Bearbeiten

(no repeats)


  • This is Elvis Presley's third song in the series. It follows A Little Less Conversation from Just Dance, and Viva Las Vegas from Just Dance 2.
  • This is the oldest song on Just Dance 4.
  • The dance routine appears in the music video for Alfonso Signorini (Eroe Nazionale).
  • As is the case with Oh No! in the same game, the Line Dance features a trio while only the lead dancer is playable.
    • However, the backup dancers in Oh No! are not exactly human, while these ones are.
  • P3 resembles Elvis Presley.
  • With the exemption of Just Dance 4's Mashups, Jailhouse Rock's Line Dance is second post-Just Dance routine to not have any Gold Moves, after Call Me. It's followed by Blurred Lines fanmade routine in Just Dance Now.
  • P4 clothes resembles All About That Bass.
  • P4 reuses a move from Wild Wild West.
  • The coaches were likely going to have different colour palettes, as the Just Dance Now files contain a pictogram that is Blue/Orange/Black/Yellow instead of Orange/Red/Black/Pink.
  • The Line Dance routine is the first trio in the main series. However, similarly to the Kids series, it's treated as a solo, as the dancers do the exact same moves.
  • This song was the first to have a Line Dance Mode in the series. It is followed by Hit The Road Jack.



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