Louie Louie
Spiel(e) Just Dance
Just Dance 3 (Xbox DLC)
Künstler Iggy Pop
Jahr 1993
Schwierigkeitsgrad 1 (Easy)
Anstrengung 3 (Exhausting) (JD)
2 (Average) (JD3)
Anzahl der Gold Moves 3 (JD3)
Anzahl der Shake Moves 4 (Just Dance)
der/s Tänzer(s)
Male (♂)
Alternative Tänze
Modus des Tanzes Solo
Piktogramm Farbe Aqua
Glove Farbe Turquoise
Songtexte Farbe TBA (Remake)
Anzahl der Piktogramme 88 (JD)
75 (JD3)
Quellcode Namen
Tänzer Jérémy Paquet

"Louie Louie" by Iggy Pop is featured on Just Dance and Just Dance 3 as an Xbox DLC.


Datei:Louie coach 1 big.png
The dancer is a man with long aqua blue hair and wears a light blue singlet, blue ripped jeans, and aqua shoes. He also has bracelets on both of his wrists.


The background resembles to a red and black silhouetted forest but in Just Dance 3, the background has black falling leaves and blue smoke coming from the ground.

Shake MovesBearbeiten

There are 4 Shake Moves in the Just Dance routine:

Shake Move 1: Shake your arms in the air like you are playing the cymbals of a battery. It's the first move for the routine.
Shake Moves 2-4: After the first two verses and choruses of the song, wildly shake your right arm, like you're playing a guitar in the guitar solo. 

Gold MovesBearbeiten

There are 3 Gold Moves in the Just Dance 3 remake. These Gold Moves carry onto the track's future appearances:
Gold Move 1: During the line "Let's get it to them right now.", throw your arms out.
Gold Move 2: Smash an invisible guitar at the end of the guitar solo.
Gold Move 3: Throw your arms out while leaning forward. This is the final move of the routine.

Appearances in MashupsBearbeiten

Louie Louie appears in the following Mashups:


  • The song itself is not the original, it's a cover of an older version by the Kingsmen, with different lyrics than this version. That would explain ''Makes me wanna sing Louie Louie'' in the lyrics.
  • The dancer highly resembles Kurt Cobain, former lead singer of Nirvana who commited suicide in 1994. The dancer also resembles a young Iggy Pop, the artist of the song.
  • This song and Who Let The Dogs Out are the only routines to have shake moves that are different than each other.
  • The dancer resembles P2 of Mamasita.
  • There is a glitch in the Just Dance version; at the end, the dancer reappears in the start position for a while, but it immediately gets covered by the scoring display.
  • The song has the closest appearance of a Shake Move in the whole game (just 10 seconds after the start).
  • In Just Dance, the line "I think about the meaning of my life again" is spilt up as "I think about/The meaning of my life again". But in Just Dance 3, it's split up as "I think about the meaning/Of my life again".
  • The dancer appears in Video Killed the Radio Star.
  • In the Just Dance 3 version, the intro (which contains a male voice saying And now, the news) is covered by a buzzling sound. However, this buzzling sound is removed in the Just Dance Now version.[1]



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