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Just Dance 4


Funny Health Conditioning/Classy Pop Music

10+ min Level

Breakfast Practice

25+ min Level

Tea Party Training

45+ min Level

Flower Power Party


Male (♂)

Pictogram Color

Light Blue

Glove Color


"Swinging 60's Workout" is a Just Sweat program featured on Just Dance 4.

Dancer Bearbeiten

The dancer is a male with Golden hair (which is possibly a wig). He is wearing a dark brown, golden, orange vest, a neon blue shirt, some long orange pants, along with some blue tennis shoes.

Background Bearbeiten

The background is living room with an old style TV, an orange armchair, a brown bedside table, orange lamp and yellow, orange and bordeaux moving lines.

Dance Quests Bearbeiten

  • Finish "Breakfast Practice"
  • Finish "Tea Party Training"
  • Finish "Flower Power Party"
  • Get all sections in Intense
  • Get a 3 💧 score
  • Get a 5 💧 score

Captions Bearbeiten

Swinging 60's Workout appears in Puppet Master Modes in Just Dance 4. Here are the captions attributed to his dance moves:

  • Shooting Spy
  • Old School Skipping
  • Spy Power
  • Hopping Mad

Trivia Bearbeiten

  • The dancer almost resembles Owen Wilson.
  • The table that holds the lamp in the background makes a reappearance in Papaoutai.
  • When you first start up the game, you cannot find it in the Just Sweat list. This is due to the fact that it has to be unlocked in the Wheel of Gifts, So this is the only Just Sweat routine that can be unlocked.
  • In the Cooldown version of the routine, the dancer seems to be doing Yoga.
  • This routine borrows a pictogram from Hot N' Cold and can be seen at 1:32 in the video below.
  • In the Puppet Master Mode of Never Gonna Give You Up, the pictograms are red and the arrows are yellow.


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