We Can Fly
Spiel(e) Just Dance Wii 2
Künstler Happiness
Jahr 2012
Schwierigkeitsgrad 3+ (Hardest)
Anstrengung 3+ (Ultra Exhausting)
Anzahl der Gold Moves 6
Anzahl der Shake Moves
der/s Tänzer(s)
Alternative Tänze
Modus des Tanzes Solo
Piktogramm Farbe Dark Magenta
Glove Farbe Light Blue
Songtexte Farbe Light Pink
Anzahl der Piktogramme 155
Quellcode Namen

"We Can Fly" by Happiness is featured on Just Dance Wii 2.


Datei:We Can Fly Half.png

The dancer is a female teenager with very long purple hair. She wears a pink romper with a purple belt, purple knee-length boots with an orange edging.


The background looks like a hall with two long staircases. They meet at the top, where a window is located behind the dancer. It later changes to purple neon lights.

Gold MovesBearbeiten

There are 6 Gold Moves in the routine:
Gold Moves 1 and 2: Shake your right hand, then bring it down and make your left hand horizontal.
Gold Moves 3 and 5: Jump up and hit the ground with both hands.
Gold Move 4: Bring both hands up slowly, then put them in front of you quickly.
Gold Move 6: Put both hands in front of your face.


  • The "oh"s at the song's beginning are not mentioned in the lyrics, most likely because they're not important.
    • The last set of lyrics (the one after the last chorus) doesn't appear either.
      • The same thing happened with Applause where "A-R-T-P-O-P" wasn't added to the lyrics at the end of the song.
  • The choreography and the first background come from the music video; however, the background is recoloured to not make it confused with the dancer's skin.
  • Along with I'm Your Man, this is the hardest song in the game based on Difficulty rating.
    • However, I'm Your Man's difficulty ratings are 3+/2 and this song's is 3+/3+.
  • This is the only song to contain a 3+ in both the difficulty and effort.
  • Some pictograms appear before the moves are actually performed.
  • The coach extraction from the game files shows that the neon lights from the chorus are part of the coach extraction; without them, the extracted background is just a black background with blue bubbles.



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