When I Grow Up
Spiel(e) Just Dance 2
Künstler The Pussycat Dolls
Jahr 2008
Schwierigkeitsgrad 2 (Medium)
Anstrengung 1 (Calm)
Anzahl der Gold Moves 3
Anzahl der Shake Moves
der/s Tänzer(s)
Alternative Tänze Contest Winners:
1. Sam
2. Mandy Davis
3. Liana Veda
Modus des Tanzes Solo
Piktogramm Farbe Rose Red
Plum (Beta)
Glove Farbe Hot Pink
Dark Red (Beta)
Songtexte Farbe White
Anzahl der Piktogramme 80
Quellcode Namen JD2:
Classic: whengrowup
Mandy version: contest1
Liana version: contest2
Sam version: contest3
Tänzer Julia Spiesser

"When I Grow Up" by The Pussycat Dolls is featured on Just Dance 2.

The Dancers and Background Bearbeiten


Datei:WIGU Extraction.gif

The song starts with a grown-up celebrity. She's wearing an aqua and purple dress. Her hair and sunglasses appears to be aqua too, and she's wearing a purple hat, one purple glove (the other is hot pink) as well as light blue high-heels. She's standing "on" The Red Carpet and around her there are paparazzis, palm trees, railings and it might be glowing lights from a city.


Every time "When I grow up" is sung the lady "turns" into a teen/kid in her room who wishes to become famous when she grows up. She's in fact wearing the same accessories as her adult-form but instead of a dress and high-heels, she's wearing an orange t-shirt with matching shorts, plain white shoes with purple socks. A feather boa has been added, and her hair and glasses are orange like her clothes. Her room is displayed as very orange, a window with curtains can be seen, a bed, an armchair/sofa with lots of cuddly toys, a bed with a dolphin on it and a clothes-hanger. Also, a Raving Rabbid appears on the couch as one of the stuffed animals.

Alternate Dances/Contest WinnersBearbeiten

There was a contest held which let fans choreograph their own dances to "When I Grow Up". Three winners got their dances recorded (the winners were dancing themselves) and added into the game as Alternate routines.

Contest Winner 1
Sam's Dance


Sam (?)



Number of Gold Moves


Pictogram Color

Light Green

Glove Color


Pictogram Count


Contest Winner 1Bearbeiten

The first winner was Sam from France. He is wearing:

  • A yellow cap
  • A green hoodie
  • Blue pants
  • White and green sneakers.

Contest Winner 2


Mandy Davies


The United Kingdom

Number of Gold Moves


Pictogram Color


Glove Color

Hot Pink

Pictogram Count


Contest Winner 2Bearbeiten

The second winner was Mandy Davis from the UK. She is wearing:

  • A hot pink dress
  • A light blue jacket with short sleves
  • A very dark purple belt
  • Since her hair is Blonde the special effects make her hair white in-game. The same thing happened to her shoes which, apparently, are very light pink.

Contest Winner 3


Liana Veda


The United States

Number of Gold Moves


Pictogram Color


Glove Color


Pictogram Count


Contest Winner 3Bearbeiten

The third winner was Liana Veda from the U.S. She is wearing the following:

  • A hot pink tank top and warmers
  • A dark purple short skirt
  • Orange leggings
  • Dark shoes.
  • Her hair and hat are purple.

Gold MovesBearbeiten

Classic Bearbeiten

There are 3 Gold Moves in the Classic routine:
Gold Move 1: Put your hands in the air.
Gold Move 2: Do a dramatic fainting position.
Gold Move 3: Pull up your hands a little and rotate the upper part of the body.

Sam Bearbeiten

The routine by Sam has 4 Gold Moves:
All: Open your legs and your arms and raise them up (similar to Fame).

Mandy Bearbeiten

The routine by Mandy has 2 Gold Moves:
All: Slide your right arm in a semicircle and slide your left hand on it.

Liana Bearbeiten

The routine by Liana has 2 Gold Moves:
Gold Move 1: Akin to Sam's Gold Moves, but standing on the left side.
Gold Move 2: Put your right arm up while bending your right leg.

Appearances in Mashups Bearbeiten

When I Grow Up is featured in the following Mashups:

Captions Bearbeiten

When I Grow Up appears in Puppet/Party Master Modes. Here are the captions attributed to her dance moves:

  • Cutie Pie
  • Pick And Choose
  • Posh
  • Posh Pose


  • This is The Pussycat Dolls' first song on the series; it is followed by Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) on the Best Buy Edition of the same game.
  • Along with Holiday, S.O.S and Song 2, this is one of the first four songs to feature a transforming dancer. She is also the first dancer to completely transform for a significant amount of time.
  • The beta version of the song had a different colour scheme. It can still be seen in the Just Dance 2 bubble.
  • The teenager closely resembles Eye of the Tiger.
  • This is the first song in the series to have alternate routines.
  • When I Grow Up originally had a different choreography.
    • You can find information about it here.
  • For the contest winners, when they start recording with outfits on, in the real world, it has a different color scheme. This was probably done to make it look more colorful and bolder.
  • Groupies is not censored, although it could refer to sexual innuendos.
  • As of its release date, this song had the most alternate routines. It was later beaten by Where Have You Been.
  • This is the first song to have alternate versions. The second was seen a game later and has become a common feature in every subsequent sequel.
  • The silhouette of the chorus dancer appears in the Multiplayer menu of Just Dance Wii, even though the song is not playable in that game.
    • Perhaps it was supposed to be there at one point.
  • The Alternate choreography by the third contest winner uses a move from Bad Romance Alternate. It's very possible Bad Romance didn't recycle any move, but When I Grow Up did it from the music video for Bad Romance.
  • Summer reuses the move from alternate routine by the third contest winner.
  • The alternates are the only routines with score but no stars in the game; this happens later in Tutorial Mode of Just Dance Wii 2.
  • The back of the PAL cover of the game mistakenly says the song is covered by The Hit Crew.
  • The avatar is supposed to be wearing sunglasses like its coach, but instead it is wearing glasses.
  • You Make Me Feel... reuses a move from the 3rd contest winner.



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